Breastfeeding Nursing Shirts are Useful?


Maternity wear has come a long way since the '90's!  When I was pregnant with my son back in the day (LOL), I still remember Princess Diana and her polk-a-dot dresses with huge bows!  Large billowing maternity dresses that engulfed your body where you weren't really sure whether a person was pregnant or wearing a overzealous nightie! But I digress.  Been there and done that and all. 

Maternity clothing has evolved and new mums can finally enjoy modern maternity wear that rejoices in the prospect of motherhood!  Showing-off the belly (instead of hiding it) is the new motto now.  Deeper understanding into the benefits of breastfeeding for our babies has empowered mums to embrace the movement of nursing. Something that was always done privately (as it was considered "indecent" exposing your boobs in public) - although the scantily clad runway models and risque photography in glossy magazines are more acceptable in society. Oh, the irony!  


Some clever person came up with a way to make breastfeeding in public easier (clearly it must be a woman!)

Even more so with  2-in-1 feature maternity clothing with nursing access (hands down a clever mommy! LOL)

I've spoken to many new moms in my time here at Modern Mummy Maternity and I've come up with a list given by Honest-to-God Women (Bless their Hearts) who have made me laugh and encouraged me with positive feedback which has helped  me to continue to grow my business. So with their blessings, I dedicate this list to all new moms and aspiring moms-to-be.  Looking for a reason to buy a breastfeeding nursing top?  I'm sure you will agree in the positive once you finish reading this unfinished list.  I will continue to update it as new feedback and reviews are given.  Good luck and happy reading!

  BENEFITS of Breastfeeding Nursing Tops

1. BREASTFEEDING is good for the baby. Need I say more?

2. SAVE MONEY - Clearly a very thrifty lot we are. Women all over are practical creatures at heart. Having a baby is expensive!  Splurging on maternity clothing that you only wear for a few months can seem an impractical expense, but if you throw in some breastfeeding features in the same design, which will extend the time of wearing it - yeah, that’s a sure winner!

3. DISCREET NURSING ACCESS - While our boobs have never been bigger, the last thing we want to do is flash it out in public. Sure, if we were at a nightclub in a sexy dress - that's a different story altogether!  But in our most vulnerable time, blessed with pain on our unmentionables, with bloated and painful boobies, the last thing we want to do is flash ourselves in front or our family and friends.  (Ever blushed in front of your father-in-law? yeah, totally embarrassing!)  It's hard to look someone in the eye after you've flashed them your nipple - unintentionally of course! )  So investing in a nursing top that will prevent this embarassing event from happening? Yeah, totally worth it ;-P

Not all mums are shy about showing off their breastfeeding prowess, there's still a need to keep the public eyes away from the magic show LOL.  Here are the few places which definitely require a good discreet breastfeeding nursing top!