BENEFITS of your Nursing Shirt

Not all mums are shy about showing off their breastfeeding prowess, there's still a need to keep the public eyes away from the magic show LOL.  Here are the few places which definitely require a good discreet breastfeeding nursing top!

1. AIRPLANE - Yep. That’s right. Flying in the air with your new bub might be the most traumatic experience you've ever had. At high altitudes it’s best to have the baby sucking on something. If a dummy is not your thing (or your baby's thing) then keeping him/her attached your boob might be your only solution. So yes, a good no-nonsense nursing shirt is the way to go. There are lots of curious eyes on the airplane with no EXIT in sight. Especially if you have to be in their company for the next few hours! (I've had mums tell me people thought their baby was sleeping (instead of feeding LOL!)

2. TRAVELLING – It’s fun to take our baby travelling. With a little planning, roadtrips are fun and visiting friends and family can be really relaxing.  If you are a bottle feeder, then you might need to bring more stuff (alot more stuff). For breastfeeding mums, just bring yourself!  The milk is available anytime at the right temperature!  So with a good breastfeeding shirt, you can sit down anytime and feed your baby.  There's no need to find a nursing room or feel embarrassed for pulling up half your shirt.  With a good Discreet Nursing Top, you can continue your conversation with your family and no-one's the wiser about whats going on!

3. HOSPITAL STAY - For a planner like me - I like to pack early and have all emergencies covered.  Does the hospital stay count as an emergency? Hell-yes! One of my most traumatic memories of my hospital stay was the stupid hospital gown. Urgh! It was flimsy and parted down the back, so the entire half of my body was exposed when I went to the bathroom. Totally blush-worthy when family came to visit!  I had to ask them to leave my room for a minute when I need to use the bathroom.  So ladies, please pack at least one breastfeeding nursing top in your hospital bag!  At least you will leave the hospital with your dignity intact!

4. HOME CONFINEMENT - Or should I say Baby confinement?  Once we reach home from the hospital with our new baby, the reality starts to sink in.  The baby’s needs come first, and you (and hubby) will feel totally exhausted.  In the first few weeks, you will be mostly be confined at home with your new baby doing mostly 2 things: feeding baby and sleeping.   From my own experience, one thing I remembered clearly was feeling COLD!  Although my son was born in the highest point of summer, I still remember feeling every draft of wind seeping into the pores of my skin. I was always shivering, and family wondered why I was dressed so warmly. So I was glad to discover that this "cold" feeling was completely "normal".  Some women experience it, some not so much. So I always advise new mums to dress warmly after-birth. Nothing worse than feeling sick while breastfeeding. It made me uncomfortable and I guess my cranky moods rubbed off on my poor baby! So my advice to all mums is "Best to be prepared, I say!"  My naturopath advises to drink lots of ginger tea with honey to warm up the body. Dress warmly and avoid the fan or sitting in drafty places. Take care of your health, so you can enjoy time with your new baby. When the body is healthy, the mind will be at peace.  Here, here!