Facing Infertility….the fear

Gone... Thats what I told my husband on the phone the next day. He was sad and silent. He didn’t know how to comfort me. “I” didn’t know how to comfort me. Pulling myself out of bed, I got ready to meet my friends and family, dreading how to announce my miscarriage. I decided to
Getting Pregnant

Facing Infertility….the miscarriage

…I was lying alone in my bed grasping my belly in pain. The intensity was likened to premenstrual cramps multiplied by one hundred.  Finally, an urge to use the toilet called to me and running there, I instinctively knew that my pregnancy is failing. Suddenly a large “plop” dropped into the toilet and I knew
Getting Pregnant

Facing Infertility…Starting a Family

In my late twenties, my husband and I decided to start a family.  I immediately started taking my multivitamins as prescribed by my doctor and was pleasantly surprised by my first positive result only after 3 months of trying.  As I was only 6 weeks, I thought it would not be problem to attend a